Deutsche Finanz A.G.

has been rendering high quality services to its customers, for the past 15 years.

General Options

It allows management of several financial entities simultaneously.

Banking System

The system supports all types of conventional as well as advanced bank accounts that includes current, saving, loan, deposit, call, commodity account, etc.

Online System

The online banking software allows existing clients to open new accounts without many complexities.

Co-Branded Payment Cards

The system gets integrated with third party credit and debit card providers easily.

Facilities offered by Deutsche Finanz A.G.

  • E-Shopping
    The software also provides additional options for online shopping or financing online purchases. This means you can avail several online services or buy...
  • Several Payment Cards
    Whether it’s a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, or any other payment card, the company provides sufficient options to facilitate all your...
  • Bank Wire
    The method of transferring funds from one bank account to another is simply known as wire. It is the most basic payment facility...

DF Technology

  • Since it is a multi-currency system, it updates account balances in real-time, once the transactions have been completed successfully.
  • Deutsche Finanz A.G. technology further allows its clients to conduct multi-level transactions.
  • With the help of internal audit and access control mechanism; it also makes the software fully secured so that it can be entrusted with the company’s confidential information.


  • Windows tree architecture of the software provides all the details for the transactions including SSL forms authentication view.
  • The standard currency and visibility of the account enables customers to access their online accounts regardless of time and location.
  • The portfolio summary option of the software solution ensures rapid and continuous development and improvement of the system.


  • It renders services at competitive prices, making them affordable for businesses of various sizes.
  • The company considers customers as their partners and friends, whose valuable feedback helps them in improving their services for the future.
  • It further provides easy access to on-site training platforms for supervisory, clerical, and management staff of the organization.


  • Guided navigation, with easy to use menus
  • High speed loading CSS tables and other related interface that ensure that the system loads rapidly even when the internet connections slow down
  • Fully personalized and customizable reports and interfaces that includes icons, colors, and logos.
  • Exclusive features that support multi-currency